Great Deal on Body Soap to Buy Your Airbnb Guests

Great Deal on Body Soap to Buy Your Airbnb Guests

Airbnb Body Wash
Airbnb Body Wash

Your Airbnb guests will want the basic necessities like shampoo, conditioner, and body soap.  This is a tricky area because you can always get the cheapest jumbo pack but the guest will know it.  Thankfully Amazon is offering 4 big bottles of Dove Body Wash for only $10.59 including shipping.  Dove it a big brand name and now you can buy cheap shampoo and this nice big white bottle of Dove Body Soap will give them the illusion that everything in your house is quality!

These body soaps for Airbnb guests normally costs $16.30.

Right now it’s only $10.59 INCLUDING SHIPPING

1. Amazon Price is $15.49

2. Use the 30% off coupon

3. Use Subscribe & Save to get free shipping

Final Price is $10.59 Shipped

Studies show only 32% of men use Body Soap!

Body soap rarely run out too.  Buy the 4 pack for $10.59 and unsubscribe as soon as you get them in the mail.  Happy Airbnbing!

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