Cheap but good quality cutting board for Airbnb Rentals

Cheap but good quality cutting board for Airbnb Rentals

You can always go to IKEA to pick up all your kitchen items to setup your Airbnb unit with necessities, but whenever I stay at a Airbnb, I can tell the quality when I pull out the slim piece of plastic to cut on.

Airbnb Cutting Board
Airbnb Cutting Board

Which cutting board should I get?

  • Wood – Well, we know wood looks the best, but it’s expensive and it gets worn out and bacteria could easily start to grow if the Airbnb renter doesn’t take care of the cutting board.  Like cutting food and leaving it wet over night.  Yuck
  • Polyethylene – This is pretty much where most households are going because bacteria has a hard time growing on this.  It just doesn’t look so pretty overtime

Where is the best place to buy it?

There is one on Amazon that’s normally $19 that’s down to $9.99 right now.  It’s very decent size too.  Can I use very and decent in one word?  Prepworks by Progressive Cutting Board – 17.38″ X 11.25″

Amazon Price is $9.99

Free shipping with $25 purchase or with Prime

At that price, this should be the cutting board for your home too.  I bought a few and pull out a new one whenever it starts to wear.  Happy Bacteria Free Cooking! and your Airbnb guests will appreciate it.  Trust me!

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