Budget Dining Table Set for your Airbnb Rentals

Budget Dining Table Set for your Airbnb Rentals

I always want to setup an Airbnb rental with nice furniture, but there’s always that one guest that decides it’s ok to write with his/her ballpoint pen on . a slim piece of paper carving up your nice furniture.

Hard to ask guests to pay for damages

By asking guests to repair or replace the table for scratches just ends up in bad reviews and sometimes even retaliation.  So what ends up happening is your future Airbnb guests will get damaged furniture which could end in deteriorating reviews over time.

How to get your money back from Airbnb

You’ll first need to keep the receipt of the furniture.  Then you need to prove that the guest caused the damage.  That means taking pictures of details before and after stays.  Who has the time for that.

Solution : Buy decent looking cheap furniture to begin with

Walmart is having a sale on their 5-piece Mainstays Counter-Height Dining Set.  This comes with 4 chairs and a table all for $109 RIGHT NOW!

Regular Price for this set is $199

Comes in Cherry Wood or Black

Walmart Set for $109.85 – Includes Free Shipping

The price is so low that once you want to get rid of it to buy a new one, you can just post it on Craigslist and you’ll probably get most of it back anyways.  $109 for a dining set is a deal even if used.

And anytime the furniture starts to wear, you don’t have that dreaded “but gosh, that furniture was expensive” feeling.  and you aren’t constantly worried if the Airbnb guests will damage them.

Consider this one solved.

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