Black Friday Deal for the Ring Video Doorbell!

Black Friday Deal for the Ring Video Doorbell!

Airbnb Smart Doorbell
Airbnb Smart Doorbell

Makes it easier for your Airbnb guests

When do we need to be available for our guests.  When they check-in or arrive for the first time.  It’s a hassle to be home for your guest, but this Ring Video Doorbell will give your Airbnb rental more security and the convenience of being able to talk to your guests when they ring the door bell.  Something like “Oh Hi!  Yes, you can grab the key from the under the rug” or hopefully something more secure but you get the point.

Adds security to your house

This is a very simple solution to adding security and more importantly convenience for you to checkin your guest.  As soon as someone gets closer to your doorbell, it automatically starts recording.  You can set the sensitivity so you get alerted on your phone so you can talk to the if you want through your phone.  You have problems getting your packages stolen?  This will capture the moment the package gets delivered and if someone comes over, it’ll record it too.

Black Friday sale on the Ring Doorbell

Well check this out.  it’s normally $179.99 + tax.  You can get it now for only $99.99.

Link is here for the Black Friday Price

Is it easy to install Ring Doorbell

Absolutely.  It’s actually a lot easier than once thought.  You just remove your current doorbell and wire it in where it used to be.  Even better, it rings your current doorbell just the same!

Go techie Airbnb Hosts!

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