Another Expensive Comforter Set on Clearance for $29.99

Another Expensive Comforter Set on Clearance for $29.99

Airbnb Guests can wear your comforter set over time.  Most responsible guests will leave your blanket like new, but I’ve had an instance once where a college couple stayed and my blanket for some reason looked like they carved it.  I keep trying to imagine what made them do this or how they “did it,” but I’m still puzzled.  Anyways, let’s put that aside.

This 7-piece comforter set is apparently normally $200-300, but it’s on clearance for $29.99.  Really?  I’m a little suspicious on their original price, but I do believe it’s at least normally $80.

You can buy 3 sets and are covered!

Tip : Keep a copy of the bedding receipt

If the guest damages your comforter set, you can provide the receipt and a photo of the damage to take it out of the guest’s deposit.  This becomes a little tedious since you’ll also need to have photos of before and after the guest left.  Worst case, you are only out $29.99 or part of it since you are just replacing a part of it with your backups.

Designer Living Price is $29.99

I highly recommend choosing a bedding set that will make your listing stand out.

Get a bright one and people’ll book.  Get a dark one and people won’t book, but it hides the stain.  Trust me, get the bright one and just maintain it.  It’ll pay off better in the long run.  You miss one booking and you are easily out over $29.99.

They have 8 to choose from

Shipping is free with a $49+ purchase
Otherwise, shipping is $5.95

Go Airbnb Hosts!

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